Jun 232016

Tristates Unite for Safe Energy Holds Press Conference June 22 –

TriStates Unite for Safe Energy Holds Press Conference to Demand State Government Action and Meeting with Governor re CPV Power Plant

Slate Hill, NY, June 22, 2016
Contact: Tom Denny – 845-551-7130/ Naomi Miller – 845-342-5224


On Wednesday, June 22, Tristates Unite for Safe Energy held a press conference in Goshen to demand state and local action to halt the state-wide build-out of “natural” gas power plants and the pipelines that supply them, in particular the CPV plant currently under construction in Wawayanda, Orange County. The group points to the State’s finding –under Governor Cuomo’s leadership– that the effects of fracking and fracked gas are injurious to the health of the public, a finding that was the basis for a moratorium on fracking in NY the Governor imposed in 2014.

Members of TriStates Unite issued a letter to Governor Cuomo and state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, requesting a meeting to seek clarification of the Governor’s recent statement that the CPV Valley Energy Project only has conditional state approvals. Highlighting the potential corruption of the approval process, TriStates also requested that the Governor immediately withdraw all state approvals pending re-review of the project.

TriStates Unite for Safe Energy is responding to accelerated building at the CPV power plant in Wawayanda, NY. Since the scandal broke over high-level corruption in the state, the rate of construction of this 650 MGW plant has accelerated. One of the Governor’s close confidants, Joe Percoco, and his wife are implicated in the favors-for-permits scandal and federal investigation that allegedly includes CPV.

“Every one of our elected officials has been mute about this imminent health and safety disaster,” according to Naomi Miller, co-chair of TriStates Unite for Safe Energy. “We need to know more — including about the legality and status of permits already issued to CPV.” Co- chair Tom Denny says, “Orange County Executive Stephen Neuhaus could stop this plant tomorrow as an imminent threat to health and safety,” adding that “this is the time for our elected officials to study the science of the negative impact a fracked gas power plant will have on the region and the people they serve. We are counting on them to be brave and forward thinking leaders in the present energy planning, not cowards.”

Studies have shown that the infrastructure does not and cannot adequately contain the methane and other toxic elements that are part and parcel of “natural” gas. “Calling it natural gas is misleading,” says Michael Sussman, legal counsel on two current cases involving CPV. “That sounds benign, but is anything but. The fracking process adds scores of toxic chemicals to the methane that is regularly released into the atmosphere by these facilities.”

Studies of the effects of exposure to particulate matter from fracked gas emissions show a direct correlation to autism in children, as well as links to nosebleeds, severe headaches, pulmonary illness and other serious health problems. Effects are estimated to spread in a 50- mile radius from power plants like the CPV Valley Energy Center.