Dec 162016

Dear neighbors, friends, and allies,

With the possibility of significantly bad weather tomorrow, those of us

who usually make sure there are signs at the picket site (3300 Route 6,

Middletown NY) from 11-noon on saturdays cannot guarantee that we will be

there, though if we can we certainly will.

The picket is the people’s picket and people decide differently from each

other, so if you decide to go, we just want you to be warned to bring your

own sign in case we can’t get there. We ask that in upcoming weeks

throughout the cold months people create, bring, take away, and bring back

their own signs. We will continue to provide extra signs — when we can!

— for new people who come. But please, when you come bring a sign, and

when you leave take it with you. Thank you….

This is surely not a time when any of us want to miss a single opportunity

to stand up and speak out loudly and clearly against the devastation of

the earth and of our neighborhoods by the same companies that have —

under various names — been pillaging the earth and the working people’s

energy since the industrial revolution began. These companies have always

been called some version of the “energy” companies. It’s coal, it’s oil,

it’s methane, it’s fracked methane, it’s fracked oil. Now, it seems like

these companies are being given the keys to the Earth’s resources — and

the harbingers in our own backyards are things like CPV, LegoLand, AIM,

the Pilgrim Pipeline, and other venues for unearthing and transporting

fossil fuels. In being transported and mined, these fuels hurt those they

come in contact with: this should warn us it’s not a good plan.

But nevertheless this is not a moment to risk your safety unnecessarily

(we need us all!), so personally we urge you to stay safe tomorrow.

Good news: our constant picketer and resident

watcher-of-daily-activites-at-the-power-plant LINDA SAEGER has a letter to

the editor in the Times Herald Record: see this link —

Attached is a brief clip from last week’s picket — at which over 70

people came for protest and prayer.

We will stop this plant because we are all fire-fighters now,


TriStates Unite for Safe Energy

Twitter @TriStatesUnite