About Us


TriStates Unite recognizes ┬áthat our individual struggles to stop the dangerous pipelines, compressor stations, and power plants that transport and use toxic fuels are all connected. Our original and primary focus is stopping the CPV Valley Energy Center in Slate Hill, New York, and stopping the Valley Lateral Project that would connect the CPV plant to the Millennium Pipeline. But all around us we see more and more gas infrastructure build out proposed. The oil and gas industry’s master plan is picking off communities one by one in their frenzied quest to profit from the toxic fuels that they are extracting from the earth.

We chose the name TriStates because individuals and groups in our immediate tri-state area – Pike County Pennsylvania, Sussex County, New Jersey, and Orange County, New York – have reached out to us in mutual support, recognizing that they are also impacted by the CPV project in Slate Hill, New York (Orange County) and that they are facing the same onslaught of encroaching gas infrastructure.

As the geography of the entire Northeastern United States is being transformed by gas infrastructure we face the real likelihood of finding ourselves left with undrinkable water and unbreathable air on a planet that will become increasingly unable to support human life on earth.

And so we hope to support the struggles of our neighbors and hope that they will support ours. This effort is under construction. We invite you to join us in mutual support of our connected struggles as we all transition to a 100% renewable energy future.

Together we will work for a halt to new and proposed gas infrastructure and a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy sources. Please join us!