Dec 102016

Dear neighbors, friends and allies,

On Friday night Kim Fraczek from Sane energy sent out the email below.

Note that since then, the bail was reduced to $5000 for each person —

bail money was raised and the defenders are out of prison. THE MOST RECENT

COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT as it calls for people to be there Monday

Morning! It says–

“All 12 Water defenders are out and in warm beds as of 5:11am. Please

attend court on

Monday at 9am at 1 Heady St. in Cortlandt Manor, NY to observe and just be a

supportive face in the crowd.”

Here’s the communication from Friday night:

“12 water protectors arrested stopping Spectra’s pipeline pull across the

Hudson tonight.  Spectra commenced destruction after the 12 were taken and

now is currently hammering IN the pipeline (as opposed to pulling it

through) according to video of a neighbor in Verplanck which we think

sounds like they are having problems. Please pray their problems continue.

The 12 are now being transferred to an arraignment and the District

Attorney is asking for $50,000 bail for each person.

We will keep you posted after this special nighttime arraignment, which is

going to be the same judge that just found the Montrose9 guilty.

Please, if you are in the area, meet us at the courthouse at 1 Heady St in


Manor, NY.

If you are not, please keep us in your hearts.

Our attorney David Dorfman is meeting us at the courthouse. He is amazing.

We will not give up.


Kim Fraczek, Co-DirectorSane Energy Project”

People, they are running a pipeline under the Hudson River. These

struggles are all one struggle. If you can get to Cortlandt Manor NY on

Monday morning, please be there to support these 12 latest brave neighbors

who are putting their bodies on the line in an attempt to stop the

SpectraAim pipeline.

Meanwhile, for a video from today’s picket at CPV where almost 70 people

gathered, visit us on FB: Tri-States Unite for Safe Energy.


TriStates Unite for Safe Energy