Dec 092016

Dear friend, neighbors, and fellow fire-fighters —

Tomorrow we will be joined on the picket line by elders from the Ramapaugh

Lenape, leading a prayer ceremony for water and earth.

As Ramapaugh Lenape Chief Dwayne Perry commented at a vigil near the CPV

site in February 2015, “We are ALL Indians now”. The off-spring of the

European colonizers are now themselves being pushed off the lands that

their ancestors acquired by pushing indigenous people off THEIR lands: we

are now all in a position to understand each other in far more depth

across culture, class, geography and political affiliation. We will join

together tomorrow to acknowledge the inter-connections of all the

struggles to save the earth and the living creatures on it from

destruction — starting right here, right now, around the country and the


Start right here, tomorrow (Saturday December 10th), at 3300 Route 6,

Middletown NY, 11-noon.

Additionally, please note that a lawsuit was filed today by Michael

Sussman and Concerned Citizens 4 Orange County in an effort to prevent the

“development” (destruction) of precious and beautiful land and waters in

Goshen to construct a Legoland theme park. The fight against outrageously

large, unthinkably gluttonous theme parks and the fight against toxic and

terrify gas and oil infrastructure projects have the same goal: people,

not profits, must guide public policy.

We will keep the fossil fuels in the ground and the mega-developers out of

our region!


TriStates Unite for Safe Energy

Twitter: @TriStatesUnite

FB: Tri-States Unite for Safe Energy