Wawayanda 6 Trial April 20 and 21, 2017
After a two day trial in April 2017 in which eminent climate scientists Robert Howarth and Anthony Ingraffea testified in detail about the relation between gas plants like CPV’s and dangerous increases in global levels of CO2, the Wawayanda Six were found guilty and sentenced to fines of $250. plus $175. fees.
THE VERDICT WILL BE APPEALED. Please help pay for legal costs by donating whatever amount you can (small donations are fine!). Make checks payable to Michael Sussman IOLA account (with “Stop CPV” in the memo section) and mail to: Michael Sussman, 1 Railroad Ave., 3rd Floor, Goshen, NY 10924
Three members of the Wawayanda Six (Terri Klemm, Naomi Miller, and Maureen Murphy-Smolka) paid fines with funds provided by Sustainable Warwick’s Infrastructure Committee and 20 individuals who donated through a GoFundMe drive. The remaining three defendants (James Cromwell, Pramilla Malick, and Madelaine Shaw) refused to pay fines and were sentenced to 7 days in the Orange County Jail.
 Press conference after Wawayanda Six Verdict:
printable pdf: Way-6 Trial April 20
FOSSIL FUELS ON TRIALWawayanda 6 Trial Dates – April 20 & 21, 2017
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 Please sign this very important Coalition Letter which requests that Governor Cuomo adopt a statewide Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Project Approvals:

After our press conference in Goshen on June 22, 2016 TriStates Unite mailed a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Read the letter here. See HVNN news coverage here


URGENT ACTION! Call Governor Cuomo today! (518)-474-8390

 Ask him to deny the 401 Water Quality Certificate (WQC) for Millennium Pipeline Company’s Valley Lateral Project in the Town of Wawayanda, Orange County, NY

 Ask him to rescind all state permits for CPV, assume lead agency, and require a SEIS (Supplemental Environmental Impact Study)

For a more detailed explanation see text of recent press release below:

 April 25, 2016


We applaud Governor Andrew Cuomo’s decision to deny a critical water permit allowing development of the Constitution Pipeline in neighboring counties. This pipeline threatened human health and would have caused untold damage and irreversible destruction to waterways critical to our ecological balance. The Governor appropriately announced his decision on Earth Day.

We urge the Governor to act consistently and, through DEC, deny Millennium Pipeline Company the permit it needs for its Valley Lateral Project, a 7.8 mile pipeline that would connect Millennium’s main line to the CPV Valley Energy Center now under construction in the Town of Wawayanda, NY. The communities in this region are as precious as others in the state, more densely populated, and more vulnerable to the destructive impact not only of a pipeline, but of the power plant the pipeline would feed. Allowing the Valley Lateral pipeline would commit our region to long-term reliance on gas produced through the hydro-fracking process. As Governor Cuomo has already banned hydro-fracking in New York because the Departments of Health and Environmental Conservation found it too injurious to human health and our shared environment, it is critical that the Governor not induce – indeed encourage — fracking by approving this project.

CPV contracted with Millennium to build the Valley Lateral pipeline to be the sole source of the fracked gas that would feed the CPV power plant. While it is true that CPV has proceeded with construction activities in Wawayanda before Millennium secured the 401 water permit that it needs to make the Valley Lateral a reality, this should NOT influence the Governor’s decision to deny that permit. Indeed, CPV should have awaited ALL approvals before spending its investors’ money. Having recklessly proceeded should not now insulate CPV or Millennium from the same careful scrutiny which caused the DEC to reject the Constitution pipeline. If allowed to become operational CPV would release huge quantities of pollutants, threatening residents for many miles around with toxic levels of hazardous air pollutants – VOCs, PM2, formaldehyde, sulfuric acid mist among them – as well as 2,164,438 tons per year of CO2 at a time when climate change is a stark reality. The CPV plant is not needed and would irreparably harm an entire region of New York State.

Naomi Miller, Co-Chair of TriStates Unite for Safe Energy, commented, “We urge the Governor to implement consistent statewide standards: ban any project which creates further reliance on hydro-fracking. We need to invest in the development and production of renewables, rather than expanding our dependency on technology which further threatens our planet.”